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Once Upon a Time Rant

Hey guys,
while I'm waist-deep in writers' block I decided to post on here and rant about a TV show I watch - well, now used to watch - called Once Upon a Time. You probably won't know what I'm talking about unless you've seen the show (and if you're in the middle of it, spoilers ahead). 

Okay, so this show is about fairy tale characters. You know, Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan, the typical Disney-type things you grew up with as a kid. But there's a twist where the Evil Queen banishes all the characters to our realm, specifically to a town called Storybrooke.

The Evil Queen believes she's won now, as she's taken away all the characters' happiness. But there is a savior who's supposed to bring the characters home - Emma Swan, daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

Anyway, so season one is great. It revolves around Emma finding her long lost son named Henry, who has been adopted by the Evil Queen (currently Regina Mills). Through reading Henry finds out the truth about Storybrooke and tries to get Emma to believe. Season one is well-paced and thought out, but then it abruptly ends with the curse being broken.

And because of this, season 2 revolves around magic being in Storybrooke (hence the image above). I was really disappointed in season one's ending as there was practically no build-up to Storybrooke suddenly being free, but I just rolled with it. Couldn't get much worse, could it?
Wow I was wrong.
Season two is when Captain Hook comes in. And since he becomes a very major character later on I kind of have to talk about him (despite that makes no sense because I mean, Captain Hook, of all characters. He becomes bigger than Cinderella). I really loved him, they did a nice spin on his story and how he looks. That was the one thing I liked about OUAT, they presented the characters as "everything told about them was a lie. Here's the truth."

This is him. Gorgeous man.

He's a cocky guy (despite losing fights regularly to a teenager, aka Peter Pan), and flirts with Emma regularly, as he does with most women. He kind of plays two side, as he's selfish and only does what will keep him from dying. I liked the selfishness and thought it made his ways made him a cool villain.
In fact, OUAT had a lot of cool villains. But they find a way to screw every single one of those villains up. 
Season two was a bit of a blur. I know that Emma and a few others (or just Snow) get stuck in the Enchanted Forest (their home) and have to go back home. Then late season two, Henry's kidnapped by the Lost Boys, Peter Pan's group. Everything was going fairly well until late season two/early season three.
I guess I should focus on that part, then. This was when everything went downhill.
Hook's still a bit villain-like, but for some reason hangs around the main group (Emma, Snow, Henry, Charming, Regina). I figured this was simply because he liked Emma, but it'd be out of character for him to grow attached to one girl. With his character, he'd jump from woman to woman.
But then his eyes got set on Emma and he now stopped being selfish and began doing everything for her. Which sounds like a decent transition, but think about it for a moment.
Captain Hook. Aka this man.

Scum of Neverland, villain through and through, a really minor Disney villain (I mean, when you hear "Disney villain" you think the Evil Queen, Maleficent, etcetera. Hook isn't one of the characters to come to mind), is paired up...with the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.
Not to mention she's the savior of Storybrooke, who isn't even doing her job of bringing everyone to the Enchanted Forest. That whole thing's been forgotten about. To this day she still hasn't fulfilled the prophecy and seems to have no intent to.
So anyway. Like I said, Captain Hook gets paired with Emma Swan? The pairing makes absolutely zero sense. None at all.
She honestly should have stayed with Graham. He was the Huntsman - essentially the police of the Enchanted Forest - and Emma's a type of police person, too. That at least made sense. Plus, they worked together as sheriffs in season one.

They killed Graham off in season one. And he hasn't even been mentioned since then. You could probably go up to Emma Swan - who was partners with this man - and mention Graham and she'd say, "who?"
So yeah. Captain Swan is a bad pairing (that's their ship name by the way).
So as I said before, there was a whole prophecy about how Emma would free the fairy tale characters from the curse, and she did succeed in doing that, even if it was unintentionally. But there was a whole second part to it that Rumplestiltskin (my favorite character) mentioned that NO ONE seems to remember: "and then the battle between good and evil can finally begin!"

Yeah, there is no battle between good and evil. The show doesn't even follow its own plot.
As if that's not bad enough, the one person who should be encouraging this battle - the Evil Queen herself - doesn't do anything, either. In fact, they make her become a good guy.

Yep. You've seen the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, right? You know how creepy and villainous this queen is? How she wanted to murder a 14-year-old girl simply because she thought the girl was too pretty? And if you've seen OUAT, you know just how terrible the queen was. "Evil" is literally in her name.
And they make her into a hero.
Most of the fandom is happy for Regina, glad she's moved on from her ideas of revenge, but it doesn't suit her character at all. Regina Mills is the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen doesn't become nice. She's dark and twisted and needs to stay that way. But Once Upon a Time likes to make everything sunshine and rainbows, going as far as to even completely destroy a decent character.
And when they do try to add "dark" themes or make villains, boy do they mess up.
I mentioned before how the show began going downhill. Season three/season four was already pretty bad, but season five is just when it hit rock bottom.
So season four ends with Rumple dying (that enough pissed me off) and the Dark One spirit inside him is unleashed and flies around Storybrooke. And it has to choose a host.
Rather than give us our Evil Queen back (Heaven forbid we bring someone back that everyone loved) or go for someone that actually makes sense, guess who the spirit possesses?

Emma freaking Swan.
The savior, the hero with the light magic, the single character who should be the least evil, suddenly is in the most anticlimactic way. The writers forced her to be evil in a last minute attempt to get more views, She was never evil before (she acted sort of like it but she was basically a wannabe monster; basically the edgy kids you see in school who are all like "no one understands me, I'm lost and broken"). 
And now they're shoving this god-awful plot down our throat.

And here you see the worst villain of all time. Not in sense of evilness, but in character.

So Emma goes around terrorizing people and overall just making me want to leap through the screen and punch her (I spent all of 5a praying for her death), hurting those she loved so much and trying to start all her plans. Which to be honest, I can't even remember what her plans were. Most of season 5 I spent angry.
As if that's not enough, goody-two shoes Captain Hook - who's become a huge wimp and pretty much unbearable now - is apparently the second Dark One. Yep, there's two. And since everyone got amnesia for the tenth time, nobody knew about this. But the minute Hook find out, he acts just like Emma with the whole edgy thing. Saying things like "I feel...reborn".
Hook. You were fine five minutes ago. How stupid would you feel if it turned out they were just messing with you?

So then Hook becomes all emo and dark all out of nowhere, and becomes extremely annoying. In fact, he may be worse than Dark Swan (Emma as the Dark One).
Not only that, he tries to act like Rumplestiltskin. Same cheerful-yet-dark personality, same movements (the significant hand gestures Rumple is well-known for) and even calling people "dearie".

Comparison of the two as Dark Ones. Except one of them isn't trash.

So that just pissed me off even further, since this lowly, wimpy pirate was trying to act like my favorite character.
Then came the season 5 ending. Hook got a sudden change of heart since, you know, the plot needed to move forward. Hook dies, Rumple becomes the Dark One again (plot twist, despite he's like a thousand years old somehow he didn't die. Not that I'm complaining) and guess what Emma's about to do?
"Hey guys, let's go to Hell and find Hook."
This girl is so clingy to this emo pirate that she wants to go to Hell to find him. Dude, death has been calling this guy for a long time (he, too, is super duper old) you need to learn when to let go. Especially since he's the worst possible boyfriend because as I said before, the two together make no sense.
So Emma drags along Snow White (who has a newborn baby but left him to go find this stupid dead pirate), Prince Charming, Regina Mills (who shouldn't even care about all this), Henry Mills (who is a thirteen-year-old kid and shouldn't be going to Hell), and about forty other people. 
All of this for a pirate who is not a good guy, tried to kill all of them, and ultimately got what he deserved in the end (and you'll watch and see the Hell they have isn't even a really bad place). All because Emma Swan can't let go, yet somehow they're seen as such a great couple.
Now the show is basically revolved around the selfishness of Captain Swan, marking the complete end of how the show used to be. Because now it centers around these two.

They're so selfish they even get to change the show's title

In the meantime, the ship Rumbelle (Rumple/Belle from Beauty and the Beast) is in a never-ending cycle of misery. They're that one annoying couple from school that breaks up, gets back together, breaks up, gets back together, and one minute they hate each other and want each other to die and the next minute they love each other and would do anything for each other (although it's pretty one-sided, ironically, Rumple's the selfless one and Belle's the "I hope you die" one). 
So while Captain Swan is dragging everyone through their crap, Belle can't decide whether she loves Rumple or wants to never see him again. 

From what I remember, they got married a few episodes earlier (bottom pic) and then before the first part of the season was over she was forcing him to leave.

And for some reason the writers think we enjoy these cliche over-used plotlines.
I could talk about so much more but I've said way too much already. Just watch the show for yourself, you'll see what I'm talking about.
Season six comes in September but I'm not watching it. I'm done with this show, it's annoyed me and frustrated me far too much.


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Undertale Rant

surprise losers
bet u thought u'd seen the last of me
but hey everyone
yeah i didn't totally quit blogger despite what some of you may think. i mean i may post on here occasionally, but my most active blog is my story one (which u can access from the sidebar or click here). mostly i'm on tumblr, bc i can access that through my phone too (yes i finally got a phone. im a big kid now). that is also on the sidebar (or click here if you're lazy).
btw thanks to those of u who are still here! i do really miss the big community we had back in like 2012, but everyone's moved on with their lives...really wish i could talk to them again. glad to see some of y'all are still here, and that i can rely on a few people to comment on this post. :))
but hey, i didn't make this post to be nostalgic.
time for a REVIEW!
(and no i'm totally not doing this to procrastinate on homework rn)

- - -
So this review is going to be about a game I've recently finished, called Undertale.

Image result for undertale logo
(If you're planning on playing this game, possible spoilers ahead so beware!!)

It's a fantastic game. The plot centers around a young human who goes to a place called Mt. Ebott, where centuries ago monsters were supposedly chased into and trapped during a war between monsters and humans. This human falls down and goes into the underground, and through their determination they work to make their way through the mountain, facing many monsters and trials throughout the journey. 

(The main character, often referred to in the fandom as being named "Frisk")

Anyway, the game was really good. The plot had many twists and turns, the characters were all unique, the jokes were hilarious, and in the end I actually cried (btw I'm not one of those people who cry really easily so it's not just me). The gameplay itself is also unique, as you don't even have to attack your enemies - you can flirt with them too, talk with them, and spare them. In fact, if you'd like you don't have to kill a single monster. You can even become friends with some. You do have to battle though somewhat, but unless you're going on the offensive, all it is is a lot of dodging - which is actually more fun than it sounds.

(Some examples of the gameplay.)

I can't really tell much of the plot without giving away a lot of spoilers, and I don't want to give too many in this review. But it starts off rather simple, and gradually becomes really intense and actually scary at some points. Overall it creates an amazing storyline, one that I'm actually jealous of and wish I'd come up with myself.
The characters have to be one of my favorite things about the game. They're all unique in their own way, with all sorts of different personalities. 


(Left to right, top to bottom: Papyrus, Sans, Mettaton and Burgerpants)

I'll talk about some of my favorite characters. My first favorite is Papyrus, with Sans coming in second. They're skeleton brothers named after fonts (the same fonts they speak in, which I honestly found really funny), and they're pretty interesting characters, especially Sans.
Their first appearances actually turn out to be very misleading once you realize what they're really like. When Sans shows up, he's a bit scary for a few seconds, but once he comes into the light he starts cracking jokes and has you smiling within seconds. Papyrus comes by not much later, and is very intimidatiFong. He's described by Sans as being a "human-hunting fanatic", which is a bit scary in itself. Then when he comes, he's yelling about finding humans, demanding Sans pick up his work pace so they can get one. But as you get to know Papyrus, he turns out to be kind of dorky, and overall he's actually a big cinnamon roll.

(See, he's too cute to be scary)

For the most part, Sans is a laid-back, lazy procrastinator who can't help but make tons of puns and put a massive amount of ketchup on his food. Later in the story it's revealed he's actually a bit depressed and has lost hope a long time ago. But that's not all - if you do what's called the genocide run (basically when you kill absolutely every monster you encounter - which I don't recommend, as it's not only one of the hardest routes, it's also incredibly creepy) it's revealed that Sans knows everything that's going on - he even knows that you save your game and reset every time you die - and he's quite possibly the strongest monster in the underground.

(This fight is a lot harder than it looks, especially since if you're not ready this attack can destroy you).

So yeah, Sans and Papyrus are definitely my favorites. I would delve into other reasons, but I'm afraid I'll make this review too long talking about these two. 
I also wanted to talk about the villains - at first it seems like practically every monster is a villain, but they usually become your friend - they only seem to act on the offensive as they're supposed to kind of fear humans. After all, humans are the reason they're all trapped underground in the first place. 
The main villain is a flower named Flowey, who is the first monster you encounter in the game.

(He probably could've given a better name than that, don'tcha think)

When you first talk to him he comes off as very friendly...friendly to the point where it's almost creepy. But soon his true colors are shown, and he shows up throughout the game, stalking you, and mocking you whenever you encounter him. He seems determined to stop you, mainly because he believes you're an inconvenience to his plans. 
I can't say much more because it'd be massive spoilers, but Flowey turns out to be so much more than a simple flower making threats. And honestly, the plot twist he's involved in is really interesting and I thought it was really good.
The humor is also pretty good too. Tons of puns (mainly from Sans, a few from Papyrus and Toriel as well), which really lightens the mood, especially when things get a bit tense.


(Top to bottom: Papyrus, Moldsmal & Napstablook)

And for those who prefer more intense plots, it's balanced out later by becoming rather creepy.

(Two of the villains, Flowey and Chara)

Another thing I really liked about the game is the music. The soundtrack is amazing, and can do anything from soothing you, to inspiring you, to hyping you up. It fits practically every situation in the story you may be put in, and also is quite similar to music in older games. I really recommend listening to it (especially if you just wanna just lay down and listen to music or need ideas), and you can listen to it by clicking here.
Overall, this game has to be one of the favorites I've played. It's gotten really popular, and it's really deserved all the praise it's gotten. Toby Fox and his crew have really done a great job, and I'm really hoping we get a sequel, because I'll probably be one of the first to buy it.
If you can't get the game at the moment (or if you're unsure how I can help you through it), you can watch some YouTubers play the game. But if you know for certain that you're getting the game, I recommend not watching the whole thing, as that'll spoil some of the game for you and won't make it as fun.
One of the playthroughs I liked was the one by Dan and Phil, which is still in progress. Click here to begin that, they're very funny and are honestly pretty adorable.
Jacksepticeye's playthrough is also good, he's hilarious and a really kind person. Click here to begin his playthrough.


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Sorry I haven't posted on TFEOB much lately. I'm starting to get writers' block (despite I have quite a few ideas for it), and losing motivation, lol. But I promise I'll try to get it back!
Sadly I won't be posting on it as much anymore. I start my freshman year this August, and that'll take up a lot of my time (I have to wake up at 5:30 in order to catch the bus. Ugh).
But The Powered Ones - which has been on hiatus for so long - is finally coming back! Sometime around July or August, the prologue'll be up. I put the sign-ups page up, and changed the layout/music on the blog. It looks a lot better than it did before!
Hope you'll check it out! And keep commenting, I love to hear from you guys! :)
I may not be on Blogger much anymore (or deviantART for that matter), but if you want to see me more or find me on other sites, remember to check the sidebar where it lists my other accounts.

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Emerald Planet: Preview

           They claimed it wasn’t kidnapping, but it certainly seemed like it.
          “We are not kidnapping you,” explained the man in the passengers’ seat for the hundredth time, seeming annoyed.
          “Then what are you doing?” my twin brother Wyatt hissed. His curly brown hair was even more of a wreck than usual – heck, it was 2:00 am – and his dark eyes were heavy with exhaustion.
          “You’ll see,” the man replied.
          I fidgeted with the hairband on my left wrist and tried to focus on breathing, which was a bit difficult to do considering I felt close to having a panic attack – which I hadn’t had in months. It gave me false hope that somehow my panic disorder had gone away, but nope. It was still here.
          I desperately hoped that whatever this was, it’d be over with quickly and I’d be home soon. But judging by the way these government representatives were acting, I doubted it was the case.
          Wyatt must’ve noticed my behavior, because he took my hand and smiled. “It’ll be alright, Katya,” he murmured reassuringly.
          I gave a slight smile in response but didn’t say anything. Frankly, I felt like if I did speak it’d just make me feel more nauseous than I already felt.
          The Krin Community looked a lot different at night. It was quiet, dark, not a soul in sight; you could’ve believed it was a ghost town if you’d never been there before. The Community had strict rules about curfew, so I’d imagine that’s why no one was out and about.
          Another strange thing was that Wyatt and I were in a car. I’d never been in one before. Buses were quite common here, and it was the people’s only means of transportation. Only those who worked for the government or the privileged got cars.
           “Can we at least know where we’re going?” Wyatt asked.
          “We cannot disclose any information before our arrival,” said the driver.
          “Nice,” Wyatt sighed.
          There was silence in the car the rest of the way there, and I could feel myself getting more nauseous and nervous by the second. Something bad was gonna happen, wasn’t it?
          I snapped out of my worries when the car hit a bump. If it weren’t for my seatbelt I probably would’ve fallen out of my seat.
          I looked out the window and saw where we were – the Government Building, as we called it. A pretty large building (what else would it be?), that had about five stories and windows at the higher levels. It was also the only building that was illuminated throughout the whole Community right now.
          Another thing I noticed was a rocket was right by it. I blinked several times, wondering if it was just exhaustion getting the better of me. Apparently it wasn’t.
          “Is that a rocket?” murmured Wyatt.
          “…Yeah,” I replied.
          That rocket couldn’t be for us. Right? Wasn’t it like, illegal to go to space under age 18? It was coincidence. It had to be.
          The car pulled up to the entrance and the government men got out. “C’mon,” they said, beckoning to us.
          Shakily I crawled my way out, Wyatt following close by. “We’ll be fine,” he insisted, but even he seemed to be starting to doubt himself.
          The hallways of the building were bright white and professional-looking, with people walking up and down the halls, some on walky-talkies. All of them were dressed up.
          The government men lead Wyatt and I through the halls and some double-doors, leading into a cafeteria-looking place. There were a bunch of other kids there – I could see a few from our school, but they weren’t people I was particularly close to. Just kids I’d seen floating around the halls.
          We were directed to sit down at a table with other kids, and Wyatt took a seat right next to me. I recognized no one at the table.
          “Know why we’re here?” spoke up a muscular boy, with bright green eyes. A smirk played on his face. “We’re gonna be executed.”
          Other kids began to lean forward with interest. The boy smirked even further, obviously enjoying the attention. “Yeah. I’ve heard about this kind of thing. They’re going to hang us in front of the whole Community tomorrow.”
          Murmurs began spreading through the table and Wyatt spoke up. “No we’re not.”
          The boy flashed a look at Wyatt; whoever he was, he clearly wasn’t used to being opposed. “What makes you so sure?”
          “What makes you so sure?” Wyatt retorted.
          “My father works for the government,” the boy hissed.
          “Our mother works for the government. She said she and the others weren’t told a thing about it,” Wyatt snapped.
          “How do you know she didn’t lie?” he asked.
          Anger radiated through me. “My mother doesn’t lie,” I hissed, speaking up for the first time.
          “Your mother is probably a lower part of the government.  My father is one of the leaders,” the boy said.
          Wyatt leaned across the table, anger written upon his face. “What’s your name, ‘f you’re so special?” he growled.
          “Miles Gellert,” he said with a smirk.
          I cursed to myself. Elliot Gellert was definitely one of the higher government leaders. He was often seen with the President while making speeches, standing close by.
          “So why would you be so happy, if you seem to know we’re going to be executed?” Wyatt demanded.
          “Because while the rest of you morons are getting your heads chopped off, I’ll be safe.”
          “Then why are you here?” Wyatt said.
          Miles’s smirk wavered and he didn’t respond.
          “Exactly. So quit trying to scare everyone,” Wyatt said, sitting back in the chair and crossing his arms.
          Just then a voice spoke up. “Good evening, children of the Krin Community.”
          Everyone turned around in their seats to see President Ackins standing there, a warm smile on his face. He looked strong and powerful as usual, wearing a nice suit and with bodyguards on either side of him. “You choice kids have been selected to help mold the Krin Community – no, Earth’s – future.” He smiled even more broadly, if possible. “Based on your talents, skills, or the interviews with your family members, you have all been gathered here for a very important task.
          “Over the years the government has been planning something, a task that will only improve the human race and make us stronger. Something that will make each and every one of you heroes.”
          He looked around, as if expecting us to start talking, but the room remained silent, so the President took that as an opportunity to continue.
          “The task ahead,” the President said, “is for all of you to accomplish, and all of you to accomplish only. You shall be accompanied by a few government officials, but this mission, is all up to you.”
          More silence, and the President spoke once again. “Your job, is to go to the planet of Berkia,” he said, “and to help to complete the tasks at hand there for as long as required.”
          Gasps and shouts arose, but I seemed numb to it. The nausea got even worse, and my hands shot up to my hair, my knees pulling up to under my chin and I felt the tears begin to flow.
          I was leaving Earth.
          I was leaving my family.
          “Katya,” Wyatt murmured, trying to take my hand, but sobs were choking me and I barely registered his touch.
          “M-Mom and Dad,” I managed. “We didn’t get to say goodbye,” I squeaked, and I felt myself begin to tremble, and I started rocking back and forth on the chair and pulling on my hair. “Make it stop make it stop make it stop.”
          “Katya, I can’t,” Wyatt tried saying. “I can’t help your—”
          “I don’t wanna get sick,” I sobbed. “I don’t wanna leave Earth. I wanna go home. I wanna stay here.”
          “What’s wrong with her? She mental?” Miles chuckled.
          Wyatt snarled. “Back off man.”
          “What? No normal person acts like that,” Miles retorted.
          Wyatt yelled and then jumped across the table, flailing his fists at Miles’s face. I shot back in my chair in alarm as Wyatt landed a strike on Miles’s cheek, and Miles grabbed at Wyatt’s arms and yanked him over the table, and soon they were both punching and kicking and pulling.
          Someone yelled but I couldn’t make out what it was, and soon one of the President’s bodyguards pulled the two apart.
          “PLEASE!” the President shouted, and the room grew silent. “These are all your companions now. You will not fight each other.” He glanced at Wyatt and Miles. “You will not harm each other. You will not betray each other. You’re all siblings in arms now, and our representatives shall see to that.”

          More silence greeted his words. “You have fifteen minutes to write out your goodbyes. They will be delivered in the morning. And after those fifteen minutes, you will be being sent to Berkia. Thank you.”

- - -

What do you think?
I may [or may not] make this into a story blog.
But there's also another story I may wanna make into a blog called To Glory (plot will be explained later), and I'm also considering making Game Over into a story.
Sorry this preview isn't very interesting, but it's part of the first chapter.
Comment thoughts below!

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New Plots

Hey y'all~
So recently I came up with some new story plots that I'd like to share. :3 They're both pretty cool to me, and I'm definitely gonna use them. I had the idea for these over the weekend, and I've been planning out the characters and plots for both of them for the past few days (instead of working on TFEOB lawl).
None of these really have titles yet, but their names below are the ones I'm considering. If you have title ideas though, by all means, comment!

- - -

Katya Redd has lived a pretty normal life on Earth, with her family in the Krin Community. She attended school, got fairly good grades - the only thing that was a mishap in her life was her panic disorder, and even that hadn't been terrible as of late.
But all of that changes when one day, Katya is taken from her very home by government officials, who have orders to get her - and other kids - to be taken to a rocket that will be sent to a prison planet, where they'll work for several years and not see their families during that whole time.
Katya feels as though this means her life is over. But when she finds Asher Solace on the rocket, she learns that some kids are planning an escape before arrival - which means a better chance of them getting home sooner. Although risky, Katya agrees to join in.
However, when the group ends up on a wild, otherworldly planet they decide to nickname the Emerald Planet, they realize the chances of survival are slim. Can they make it back to Earth?

Jacob Evathan has played video games ever since he was little with his best friend, Caleb Davidson. The boys did everything together as kids, and are now roommates in college with their whole life ahead of them.
In another world where video game characters are very much alive, the villains are sick of losing. Every time they've believed they had a flawless plan, the heroes have always come along and defeated them. Then one day, the King of the villains, Bowser, learns of an alternate world where they're guaranteed a win - our world. 
When Jacob opens the room to his dorm to find a man who calls himself Mario there, demanding he finds his Princess Peach, he and Caleb are whisked on a long and challenging journey, meeting characters from worlds he thought only existed behind his computer screen. 

- - -

Sound good?? 
I'm thinking of making Game Over into a story blog, would you guys like that? ouo
Comment below your thoughts! They're always appreciated! ^-^

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Announcements and All

I hate my laptop rn ugh. All it does is blow up with ads and I have to click them all out, which 9/10 just takes me to a new tab. And then my computer acts all slow.
And for some reason, despite having Google Chrome as my browser, I suddenly get Yahoo results when I type a search in???? Like no???? i don't want this????
Just U G H this laptop sucks. -_-
Also, an announcement regarding TFEOB:
You guys may have noticed I haven't been posting a lot on there lately.
I'm not quitting again, but ideas are hard to come by, and not only that school makes me really busy during the week (even during weekends it's becoming difficult to find time to post on there). 
But the posts on TFEOB are actually not going to be as often anyway; I'm starting high school soon, which requires a lot of dedication to work since for some reason in the future everyone's gonna stalk all the stuff I did as a teenager. So yeah.
I'll try post some more soon, I only have like 3 readers anymore but I think they still like reading it.
Also do any of you have Charahub?
It's a site where you can create characters, it's really good for authors.
My username is GreatShot, click here if you wanna see my profile.

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The Four Elements Of Bending: Hunger Games

Hey everyone!
So on Instagram I saw someone posting about this Hunger Games Simulation-type thing, where you put in whatever characters you'd like into the Hunger Games and see what happens.
I did it this morning with people I knew/fictional characters I liked, then did another one strictly with my friends and family, and it was so funny omg. I loved it.
So instead of actually doing something productive, I decided to do a TFEOB version of it!
just picture them as anthros tho bc if you don't this probs won't make sense
And yeah, just look at these screenshots from it, and read the sarcastic comments made by yours truly.

These are the tributes that are entering. Most of these guys are from series 2, but I threw in a few series 1 characters just because.

-Lephos apparently is very violent.
-Rusty grabs throwing stars. That's not gonna end well.
-Bracken really wants that mace.
-You go Rhonda, Okerro and Charlotte, Work together.

-Everyone's discovering rivers.
-Wow Charlotte. Just wow.
-Lilypaka's being smart again. You go, Lilypaka.
-Lephos is a traitor, no one trust him.


-Eclipse, how did you not know those were toxic. You specialize in herbs.
-Glory climbed a tree. What else is new?
-Sidew cried himself to sleep. I can imagine that.
-Koro and Rhett fighting? That's different.

-Misty and Lilypaka are working together, that's good.
-Crystal sleeps all day. Sounds like what I'd do.
-Everyone decides to go hunting.
-Koro is being an idiot as usual.


-Lots of talking and singing.
-Sidew screams for help. That's smart.
-Wow. Destroying a deaf person's supplies. That's low.

-Lot of working together, good job guys.
-Misty using camouflage, that's pretty smart.
-How is Okerro scared of Lilypaka? She's a tiny meerkat.


-Tiggerpaka's arrogance must be getting pretty low if he's begging for death.
-Koro fails once again.
-Bracken is apparently a cold-hearted killer.

-Killing, killing everywhere...
-Koro, you idiot.
-Crystal, you idiot.


-Tiggepaka screaming for help. Lord knows why.
-Lilypaka and Sidew make a truce. That's nice.
-Adonael sings.

-Dust practices archery; how many ways can this go wrong?
-Tributes working together, that's nice.


-Lilypaka fending them tributes off. You go girl.
-Tiggerpaka questions his sanity. Same.
-Dust kills Airia. If anything it'd be the other way around.

-Those tributes must really hate Sidew.
-Good, Liberty. That's smart.
-Lilypaka, what use do you have for Rhett's memoirs.

-Dust is now questioning his sanity.
-Rhett snaps Bracken's neck...oh.
-Lilypaka, you're smarter than that.
-How can Adonael hide in the bushes? She's a bear.


-Rhett kills Misty, at least he's being nice.
-Well, Dust died in character I suppose.

-My god Lilypaka, you're desperate.
-Tiggerpaka died from hunger. Wow.

-Tsunamis. Well then.
-Wait a minute...Adonael killed Lilypaka?


Adonael won.
Wow. I thought it'd be Lilypaka.


So yeah, that's over with I guess.
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