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Emerald Planet: Preview

           They claimed it wasn’t kidnapping, but it certainly seemed like it.
          “We are not kidnapping you,” explained the man in the passengers’ seat for the hundredth time, seeming annoyed.
          “Then what are you doing?” my twin brother Wyatt hissed. His curly brown hair was even more of a wreck than usual – heck, it was 2:00 am – and his dark eyes were heavy with exhaustion.
          “You’ll see,” the man replied.
          I fidgeted with the hairband on my left wrist and tried to focus on breathing, which was a bit difficult to do considering I felt close to having a panic attack – which I hadn’t had in months. It gave me false hope that somehow my panic disorder had gone away, but nope. It was still here.
          I desperately hoped that whatever this was, it’d be over with quickly and I’d be home soon. But judging by the way these government representatives were acting, I doubted it was the case.
          Wyatt must’ve noticed my behavior, because he took my hand and smiled. “It’ll be alright, Katya,” he murmured reassuringly.
          I gave a slight smile in response but didn’t say anything. Frankly, I felt like if I did speak it’d just make me feel more nauseous than I already felt.
          The Krin Community looked a lot different at night. It was quiet, dark, not a soul in sight; you could’ve believed it was a ghost town if you’d never been there before. The Community had strict rules about curfew, so I’d imagine that’s why no one was out and about.
          Another strange thing was that Wyatt and I were in a car. I’d never been in one before. Buses were quite common here, and it was the people’s only means of transportation. Only those who worked for the government or the privileged got cars.
           “Can we at least know where we’re going?” Wyatt asked.
          “We cannot disclose any information before our arrival,” said the driver.
          “Nice,” Wyatt sighed.
          There was silence in the car the rest of the way there, and I could feel myself getting more nauseous and nervous by the second. Something bad was gonna happen, wasn’t it?
          I snapped out of my worries when the car hit a bump. If it weren’t for my seatbelt I probably would’ve fallen out of my seat.
          I looked out the window and saw where we were – the Government Building, as we called it. A pretty large building (what else would it be?), that had about five stories and windows at the higher levels. It was also the only building that was illuminated throughout the whole Community right now.
          Another thing I noticed was a rocket was right by it. I blinked several times, wondering if it was just exhaustion getting the better of me. Apparently it wasn’t.
          “Is that a rocket?” murmured Wyatt.
          “…Yeah,” I replied.
          That rocket couldn’t be for us. Right? Wasn’t it like, illegal to go to space under age 18? It was coincidence. It had to be.
          The car pulled up to the entrance and the government men got out. “C’mon,” they said, beckoning to us.
          Shakily I crawled my way out, Wyatt following close by. “We’ll be fine,” he insisted, but even he seemed to be starting to doubt himself.
          The hallways of the building were bright white and professional-looking, with people walking up and down the halls, some on walky-talkies. All of them were dressed up.
          The government men lead Wyatt and I through the halls and some double-doors, leading into a cafeteria-looking place. There were a bunch of other kids there – I could see a few from our school, but they weren’t people I was particularly close to. Just kids I’d seen floating around the halls.
          We were directed to sit down at a table with other kids, and Wyatt took a seat right next to me. I recognized no one at the table.
          “Know why we’re here?” spoke up a muscular boy, with bright green eyes. A smirk played on his face. “We’re gonna be executed.”
          Other kids began to lean forward with interest. The boy smirked even further, obviously enjoying the attention. “Yeah. I’ve heard about this kind of thing. They’re going to hang us in front of the whole Community tomorrow.”
          Murmurs began spreading through the table and Wyatt spoke up. “No we’re not.”
          The boy flashed a look at Wyatt; whoever he was, he clearly wasn’t used to being opposed. “What makes you so sure?”
          “What makes you so sure?” Wyatt retorted.
          “My father works for the government,” the boy hissed.
          “Our mother works for the government. She said she and the others weren’t told a thing about it,” Wyatt snapped.
          “How do you know she didn’t lie?” he asked.
          Anger radiated through me. “My mother doesn’t lie,” I hissed, speaking up for the first time.
          “Your mother is probably a lower part of the government.  My father is one of the leaders,” the boy said.
          Wyatt leaned across the table, anger written upon his face. “What’s your name, ‘f you’re so special?” he growled.
          “Miles Gellert,” he said with a smirk.
          I cursed to myself. Elliot Gellert was definitely one of the higher government leaders. He was often seen with the President while making speeches, standing close by.
          “So why would you be so happy, if you seem to know we’re going to be executed?” Wyatt demanded.
          “Because while the rest of you morons are getting your heads chopped off, I’ll be safe.”
          “Then why are you here?” Wyatt said.
          Miles’s smirk wavered and he didn’t respond.
          “Exactly. So quit trying to scare everyone,” Wyatt said, sitting back in the chair and crossing his arms.
          Just then a voice spoke up. “Good evening, children of the Krin Community.”
          Everyone turned around in their seats to see President Ackins standing there, a warm smile on his face. He looked strong and powerful as usual, wearing a nice suit and with bodyguards on either side of him. “You choice kids have been selected to help mold the Krin Community – no, Earth’s – future.” He smiled even more broadly, if possible. “Based on your talents, skills, or the interviews with your family members, you have all been gathered here for a very important task.
          “Over the years the government has been planning something, a task that will only improve the human race and make us stronger. Something that will make each and every one of you heroes.”
          He looked around, as if expecting us to start talking, but the room remained silent, so the President took that as an opportunity to continue.
          “The task ahead,” the President said, “is for all of you to accomplish, and all of you to accomplish only. You shall be accompanied by a few government officials, but this mission, is all up to you.”
          More silence, and the President spoke once again. “Your job, is to go to the planet of Berkia,” he said, “and to help to complete the tasks at hand there for as long as required.”
          Gasps and shouts arose, but I seemed numb to it. The nausea got even worse, and my hands shot up to my hair, my knees pulling up to under my chin and I felt the tears begin to flow.
          I was leaving Earth.
          I was leaving my family.
          “Katya,” Wyatt murmured, trying to take my hand, but sobs were choking me and I barely registered his touch.
          “M-Mom and Dad,” I managed. “We didn’t get to say goodbye,” I squeaked, and I felt myself begin to tremble, and I started rocking back and forth on the chair and pulling on my hair. “Make it stop make it stop make it stop.”
          “Katya, I can’t,” Wyatt tried saying. “I can’t help your—”
          “I don’t wanna get sick,” I sobbed. “I don’t wanna leave Earth. I wanna go home. I wanna stay here.”
          “What’s wrong with her? She mental?” Miles chuckled.
          Wyatt snarled. “Back off man.”
          “What? No normal person acts like that,” Miles retorted.
          Wyatt yelled and then jumped across the table, flailing his fists at Miles’s face. I shot back in my chair in alarm as Wyatt landed a strike on Miles’s cheek, and Miles grabbed at Wyatt’s arms and yanked him over the table, and soon they were both punching and kicking and pulling.
          Someone yelled but I couldn’t make out what it was, and soon one of the President’s bodyguards pulled the two apart.
          “PLEASE!” the President shouted, and the room grew silent. “These are all your companions now. You will not fight each other.” He glanced at Wyatt and Miles. “You will not harm each other. You will not betray each other. You’re all siblings in arms now, and our representatives shall see to that.”

          More silence greeted his words. “You have fifteen minutes to write out your goodbyes. They will be delivered in the morning. And after those fifteen minutes, you will be being sent to Berkia. Thank you.”

- - -

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  1. Great chapter! I just hate the injustice of the government :( I mean the kids are probably going to all die because they have no space training, stupid Krin community government....

  2. Ok weird idea/conspiracy what if the government puts them in a simulator to see how they react to being in space then at the end they are allowed out, after everyone is happy and rejoices the president says something along the lines of "You did well in the simulation now you have one week left to stay and say bye to your friends and family then you must leave, FOREVER


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