Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Sorry I haven't posted on TFEOB much lately. I'm starting to get writers' block (despite I have quite a few ideas for it), and losing motivation, lol. But I promise I'll try to get it back!
Sadly I won't be posting on it as much anymore. I start my freshman year this August, and that'll take up a lot of my time (I have to wake up at 5:30 in order to catch the bus. Ugh).
But The Powered Ones - which has been on hiatus for so long - is finally coming back! Sometime around July or August, the prologue'll be up. I put the sign-ups page up, and changed the layout/music on the blog. It looks a lot better than it did before!
Hope you'll check it out! And keep commenting, I love to hear from you guys! :)
I may not be on Blogger much anymore (or deviantART for that matter), but if you want to see me more or find me on other sites, remember to check the sidebar where it lists my other accounts.


  1. **stands stretching and twisting / cracking neck**

    I knew you'd come begging for my help, and lucky for you that I like you my dear nemesis, Great Scott! SO hand over the keys and I'll drive this bad boy home

  2. Well, I wake up at about 5:25am every school day, sometimes even earlier.

    Can't wait to get more chapters!


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