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Undertale Rant

surprise losers
bet u thought u'd seen the last of me
but hey everyone
yeah i didn't totally quit blogger despite what some of you may think. i mean i may post on here occasionally, but my most active blog is my story one (which u can access from the sidebar or click here). mostly i'm on tumblr, bc i can access that through my phone too (yes i finally got a phone. im a big kid now). that is also on the sidebar (or click here if you're lazy).
btw thanks to those of u who are still here! i do really miss the big community we had back in like 2012, but everyone's moved on with their lives...really wish i could talk to them again. glad to see some of y'all are still here, and that i can rely on a few people to comment on this post. :))
but hey, i didn't make this post to be nostalgic.
time for a REVIEW!
(and no i'm totally not doing this to procrastinate on homework rn)

- - -
So this review is going to be about a game I've recently finished, called Undertale.

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(If you're planning on playing this game, possible spoilers ahead so beware!!)

It's a fantastic game. The plot centers around a young human who goes to a place called Mt. Ebott, where centuries ago monsters were supposedly chased into and trapped during a war between monsters and humans. This human falls down and goes into the underground, and through their determination they work to make their way through the mountain, facing many monsters and trials throughout the journey. 

(The main character, often referred to in the fandom as being named "Frisk")

Anyway, the game was really good. The plot had many twists and turns, the characters were all unique, the jokes were hilarious, and in the end I actually cried (btw I'm not one of those people who cry really easily so it's not just me). The gameplay itself is also unique, as you don't even have to attack your enemies - you can flirt with them too, talk with them, and spare them. In fact, if you'd like you don't have to kill a single monster. You can even become friends with some. You do have to battle though somewhat, but unless you're going on the offensive, all it is is a lot of dodging - which is actually more fun than it sounds.

(Some examples of the gameplay.)

I can't really tell much of the plot without giving away a lot of spoilers, and I don't want to give too many in this review. But it starts off rather simple, and gradually becomes really intense and actually scary at some points. Overall it creates an amazing storyline, one that I'm actually jealous of and wish I'd come up with myself.
The characters have to be one of my favorite things about the game. They're all unique in their own way, with all sorts of different personalities. 


(Left to right, top to bottom: Papyrus, Sans, Mettaton and Burgerpants)

I'll talk about some of my favorite characters. My first favorite is Papyrus, with Sans coming in second. They're skeleton brothers named after fonts (the same fonts they speak in, which I honestly found really funny), and they're pretty interesting characters, especially Sans.
Their first appearances actually turn out to be very misleading once you realize what they're really like. When Sans shows up, he's a bit scary for a few seconds, but once he comes into the light he starts cracking jokes and has you smiling within seconds. Papyrus comes by not much later, and is very intimidatiFong. He's described by Sans as being a "human-hunting fanatic", which is a bit scary in itself. Then when he comes, he's yelling about finding humans, demanding Sans pick up his work pace so they can get one. But as you get to know Papyrus, he turns out to be kind of dorky, and overall he's actually a big cinnamon roll.

(See, he's too cute to be scary)

For the most part, Sans is a laid-back, lazy procrastinator who can't help but make tons of puns and put a massive amount of ketchup on his food. Later in the story it's revealed he's actually a bit depressed and has lost hope a long time ago. But that's not all - if you do what's called the genocide run (basically when you kill absolutely every monster you encounter - which I don't recommend, as it's not only one of the hardest routes, it's also incredibly creepy) it's revealed that Sans knows everything that's going on - he even knows that you save your game and reset every time you die - and he's quite possibly the strongest monster in the underground.

(This fight is a lot harder than it looks, especially since if you're not ready this attack can destroy you).

So yeah, Sans and Papyrus are definitely my favorites. I would delve into other reasons, but I'm afraid I'll make this review too long talking about these two. 
I also wanted to talk about the villains - at first it seems like practically every monster is a villain, but they usually become your friend - they only seem to act on the offensive as they're supposed to kind of fear humans. After all, humans are the reason they're all trapped underground in the first place. 
The main villain is a flower named Flowey, who is the first monster you encounter in the game.

(He probably could've given a better name than that, don'tcha think)

When you first talk to him he comes off as very friendly...friendly to the point where it's almost creepy. But soon his true colors are shown, and he shows up throughout the game, stalking you, and mocking you whenever you encounter him. He seems determined to stop you, mainly because he believes you're an inconvenience to his plans. 
I can't say much more because it'd be massive spoilers, but Flowey turns out to be so much more than a simple flower making threats. And honestly, the plot twist he's involved in is really interesting and I thought it was really good.
The humor is also pretty good too. Tons of puns (mainly from Sans, a few from Papyrus and Toriel as well), which really lightens the mood, especially when things get a bit tense.


(Top to bottom: Papyrus, Moldsmal & Napstablook)

And for those who prefer more intense plots, it's balanced out later by becoming rather creepy.

(Two of the villains, Flowey and Chara)

Another thing I really liked about the game is the music. The soundtrack is amazing, and can do anything from soothing you, to inspiring you, to hyping you up. It fits practically every situation in the story you may be put in, and also is quite similar to music in older games. I really recommend listening to it (especially if you just wanna just lay down and listen to music or need ideas), and you can listen to it by clicking here.
Overall, this game has to be one of the favorites I've played. It's gotten really popular, and it's really deserved all the praise it's gotten. Toby Fox and his crew have really done a great job, and I'm really hoping we get a sequel, because I'll probably be one of the first to buy it.
If you can't get the game at the moment (or if you're unsure how I can help you through it), you can watch some YouTubers play the game. But if you know for certain that you're getting the game, I recommend not watching the whole thing, as that'll spoil some of the game for you and won't make it as fun.
One of the playthroughs I liked was the one by Dan and Phil, which is still in progress. Click here to begin that, they're very funny and are honestly pretty adorable.
Jacksepticeye's playthrough is also good, he's hilarious and a really kind person. Click here to begin his playthrough.



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